Best Neighborhoods in AthensThe largest city and the capital of Greece, Athens is a cluster of numerous small neighborhoods – with each having an individual style. When you are on a trip to Athens, you will love to visit them and get a pleasant surprise at what they have on offer for visitors. Here is a glimpse into the best neighborhoods in Athens for you in the Ultimate Athens Neighborhoods Guide.


It is immediately under the Acropolis, and sees the maximum number of tourists every year in Athens coming in. It has a maze of narrow streets that have been around since the medieval times, and have many hundred-year old homes, unique museums, Byzantine churches, ancient sites and more. Lots of streets of this otherwise plain looking neighborhood are lined by cafes and restaurants. Plaka has a rich history and has a romantic ambiance that induces nostalgia. You will love to walk through its labyrinthine streets.


It is a neighborhood located in the fringes of the Roman Forum and the Agora. Every day, its flea markets get opened to the public but Sundays are when they are most crowded and you can get the best stuffs then. The streets are lined by many shops, cafes and taverns. The Adrianou is one such street, and connects Monastiraki to Thissio, which has been restored with a lot of care. You can find many restored homes, with the Agora on one side and cafes and restaurants on the other side. You can also get fantastic views of the Acropolis.


It is nestled between Ermou and Athinas, and is one of the best places to visit for its nightlife. There are galleries, clubs, live music existing along with mezedopoleia, tavernas, cafes, bars and stylish modern restaurants. You can find homes from the neoclassical era restored here painstakingly. The place gets alive during the late afternoon and the dynamism continues until the early hours of the morning. The last few years have seen the place lose its crown to Gazi as far as nightlife or chic urban style are concerned. It stays popular, nonetheless!


When it comes to the Ultimate Athens Neighborhoods Guide, this is an ancient neighborhood that has the delightful and tranquil Athenian cemetery that exists for hundreds of years. There are many exquisite classical sculptures adorning the ancient walls of this city. The Koumoundourou is a square that has been restored as well, and connects Kerameikos with Psirri.

Commercial Center

The name is a bureaucratic one, and is not actually used by the local people. However, it is actually a commercial center that is located between the Monastiraki, Syntagma and Omonia squares. It comprises of the Psirri and Plaka districts. Some of the streets here are designated to be used only by pedestrians, but do not let that relax you, given that many motorcyclists and motorists do not take that regulation very seriously.

Omonia Square

This is truly a lovely neighborhood with neoclassical buildings surrounding the Square. Today, it might not be as pristine as earlier due to the unseemly billboards that come up from time to time, but is worth a visit. The last few years have witnessed Omonia Square to get dirtied with ads and billboards, but there has recently been a cleanup drive in the run up to the Olympics to make it look better.

Athinas Street

This is a street connecting the Monastiraki and Omonia squares, and comprises of the Central Market of Athens. You will be able to find fresh fruits, vegetables and meat from across Greece. There are amazing accessories such as sunglasses or shoes that you can buy, or even try cheese samples from faraway islands. There are a few cafe where you can sip on coffee or tea, and take a break from shopping. The Klaftmonos square, which is located close to this street, has undergone a redesign. The Neoclassical University Trilogy can be viewed from this place.

Syntagma Square

It is located in the central part of Athens, and is also referred to as the Constitution Square. This is the center of civic and political activities of the city, and everything from New Year's celebrations to protest rallies are being taken out from this area. You can find many wonderful hotels such as the Grande Bretagne, as well as travel agencies and major banks. You can sip on a drink at the Alexander's Bar or enjoy being in the majestic lobby of Beaux Arts to soak in the glamour and elegance of the old world. You may dine at the terrace of the GB restaurant and enjoy the most amazing views of Athens, although you need deep pockets for that. Take a walk through this neighborhood and see much of the political architectures of Athens. You can visit the Greek Parliament building, which is a beautiful neoclassical building and the erstwhile Royal Palace. The color of the stone of this amazing building changes color all through the day.


This is a wonderful downtown neighborhood that is across Psirri – Ermou. The neighborhood has some of the best and most beautiful things such as the temple of Hephaestos, amazing views of Acropolis, restored buildings from the neoclassical era and many other places that you will love to hang out in. This is an old-fashioned and charming place that has a mix of trendy with ancient. Do not forget to visit the lovely 19th century neoclassical mansion, National Observatory.


This is an elegant and chic neighborhood, and socialites have loved the place for a really long time. There are many beautiful cafes, restaurants, art galleries, designer houses and boutiques, as well as day and night spots in this place. There is the magnificent street Leof Vasiliss Sofias, and you can find many lovely mansions from the neoclassical era which are museums now. You can enjoy all the chic urban stuffs that are on offer, before walking to the top of the mountain Lycabettus and can enjoy an amazing sunset. You can pass through a few of the cleanest and most beautiful streets of central Athens here, which wind down the lower slopes of Likavitos.


If Kolonaki is for chic urbanites, Koukaki is for the working classes. This is among the most beautiful neighborhoods of Athens, and is at the base of the Filopappos Hill – which is also referred to as the Hill of the Muses (Lofos Mousseon). There are many amazing paths here that can lead you to the observatory or the Dora Stratou Theater. You can find lots of restaurants and cafes and even budget hotels where you can find lodging at an affordable cost. The tram and metro have made the place easier for tourists and locals to travel in.


This is an upscale neighborhood which is located northwards of Koukaki. It is located at the Acropolis’ southern base, and is situated close to Plaka. There are quite a few good restaurants, mansions that have been restored well, several luxurious hotels and a number of smaller museums. It is also the place where you can find the infamous Socrates' and Strofi prisons. If you wish to stay in a central location in Athens, you would like to be here, as it is slightly removed from heavy tourist regions.


This is located towards the south of the Athens Stadium, and is a popular residential zone for people who are unable to afford staying in Kolonaki. The First Cemetery is an old baroque funerary monument that has marble statues which are century’s old as well as majestic cypress trees. Remember to check out the Sleeping Girl (Koimomeni), which is regarded by many people as a masterpiece created by a sculptor called Ianoulis Halepas from Tinos, who suffered from poverty and mental ailments all his life. In case you love greenery but not funerary tombs, you would like to explore the green park of Pangrati, which is more or less a small forest located in the middle of Athens. You can also find many amazing traditional taverns and restaurants across Pangrati.

The Embassy District

This is a neighborhood visited by lots of embassy workers for drinks or lunch after work. You can have a meal at the wonderful Milos seafood restaurant, or even have a drink or two in the Galaxy rooftop bar at around sunset – when you can enjoy amazing views of Athens. This district is also referred to as the Museum Mile, given that there are so many amazing museums present downhill from the Kolonaki area - including the National Gallery, the National War Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum.


This is the place where you can find the Athens Tennis Academy. It is a park that is landscaped and has many walkways that are covered by glass. There is an agora with steel arches. The majestic Athens Olympics Sports Complex of Santiago Calatrava is modernist in design and is a landmark. In the Olympics of 2004, it was a show-stopper. If you plan to travel to Athens, the Ultimate Athens Neighborhoods Guide will be very useful for you.